Stock Control Settings

This guide will give you an introduction into the Stock Control system and show you how to utilise it to its full potential. 

To access the feature, head over to Settings > Stock Control.

To activate stock control simply select Yes from the Use Stock Control drop down box in the screen shot above.

When Products Are Out Of Stock

The options are:

Display Message and Allow Purchase - Customers will receive a notice advising them that the product is currently out of stock but they will not be prohibited from making the purchase. 

Display Message and Disallow Purchase - Customers will receive notice that the product is out of stock and they will not be allowed to make the purchase. 

Remove Product From Display - When a product is out of stock it will be removed from display all together. 

Out Of Stock Message

Here you can enter a custom message that will be shown on the product page to customers if a product is out of stock. For instance, "Sorry, this item is out of stock".

Low Stock Level Warnings 

Here you will be required to choose a stock level number at which point you will receive warnings by email.

Back In Stock Alerts

Give customers the ability to receive email notifications when a product is back in stock.

When you have edited all of your settings, remember to Save Changes.

Now that you have set your stock control options, you now need to give stock value to your products. To do this, start by clicking on the Shop tab and Editing a given product. You will then see Stock Control on the left under More Options

You will then be presented with the following screen:


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