Customer Login

Your ekmPowershop has a facility that allows your customer to log on and view their order history. You can install the feature by going to the Features tab of your ekmPowershop.

Enforce Security

The first element you are prompted with is the Enabled/Disabled drop down menu. Selecting Enabled will automatically have the login prompt appear in the relevant place depending on the template you are using. If you are using a custom design, then you will need to enter the tag as described here, in the area you wish the prompt to appear. Clicking the Disabled option will then remove the login area.

Customer Credentials

The second element is the option you wish to give your users regarding logging in with either a password or with an order number. If they log in with their password, they will see all previous orders. If they log in with the order number, they will only see details for that order when logged in.

Customer Directory

Here you will choose where the customers are directed to once they have logged into the secure area. Your customers can be sent to either:

-Orders Page


-Leave where they are

You can also configure the styling of the secure area the customer logs into by clicking the link where prompted underneath the radial buttons. Please note this is for users who are comfortable with editing HTML code, as this allows the code to be modified to your own requirements. Clicking the link will take you to a page where you can edit various parameters of the layout for displaying the customer's orders and the contact form that is available. More info can be found by clicking the green tab on the page as highlighted below:

Once you have configured your preferences, click the Save & Close button at the bottom of the page to apply your changes. You will then see the customer login area when viewing your shop's homepage.

When a user logs into the customer login area, they will be shown a list of all their orders with the contact form underneath, which will look something like this:

If the user clicks on one of their orders, they will see their order details with a further contact form underneath should they need to contact you for any reason; for example about that particular order:

When submitting anything via the contact form, the email generated will be sent to the email address you have entered in the Settings > Outgoing Email area.

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