Importing Products from eBay into ekmPowershop

It is possible to import products from your eBay shop into your ekmPowershop. To do this please follow the steps below:

Please note this will only work once the link between ekmPowershop and eBay has been connected. The first step is to set your import values. You can do this by carrying out the following:

Once in the eBay import/export section, click the Settings button:


You will see the following section. Simply click onto the Set Import Values link.


On the next page, set the Attributes for when your products are imported into ekmPowershop and click Update.


Once the attributes have been set, you can then import your products from the initial step. You do this by clicking the Import from eBay button.


The next screen will show you a button which says, Request List. Click this button. This will then connect to your eBay account and download all the products which you are currently selling there. You will see a checkbox to the right of all your products. You can either import all the products in bulk or individually depending if all the products are being moved into the same category or different categories.

For the example of this guide, we have selected all products by ticking the top checkbox.


Once the products have been selected, click the next button and you will see the following box:


The drop-down box will display your ekmPowershop's category structure such as all top level categories and all subcategories. Simply choose which area you would like the selected products to be imported into and click next. Once you have done this the box will update in real time to show you the progression of the import. The top bar of this box will confirm to you once the import is complete:


Once the import has been completed you can now click View Shop in the left-hand navigation menu and see your newly imported products from eBay.

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